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Easily learn to live without Acid indigestion, Constipation or bloating!

Dr. Lorn Allison D.N., L.M.T.
Board Certified and Licensed Naprapath
Yeah, I know what your thinking...

"if it's so easy to live without these problems, then why haven't I learned it by now?"

I understand where you're at. I had suffered from one or all of these at various times for my entire life.

  • Burning stomach in the middle of the night from acid indigestion
  • Suppositories regularly as a child for relieving constipation -Daily stomach bloating from eating for over 10 years, that left me constantly fatigued and unproductive.
  • And the straw that broke the camels back---- rectal bleeding and anal itching, for about 2 years--NOT FUN!

Believe me, if there was anyone more frustrated by acid indigestion, constipation and bloating problems than I was... Well, I wouldn't believe it!

If you've heard of it, I have probably read it, done it or experienced it in some respect with these conditions.

In my quest to solve these problems I...

  1. Became a L.M.T. (Licensed massage therapist) in Illinois
  2. Started studying for a Doctorate in Naprapathy (connective tissue specialist)
  3. Became certified in BioSet (allergy elimination technique)
  4. Became certified in N.M.T (Neuro-modulation Technique)

I have to say, that lately I have seen alot of products, ebooks and information being sold on the web about these problems.

Honestly, I'm skeptical of most of it. It seems that there are alot of people out there trying to make a fortune off of people with digestive problems.

So I decided to create this website to share what I know about solving these problems naturally--FREE to you!

I am here to help you find your way to solving these problems as I did, I truly hope that what I have learned will help you!

And all the information here is without cost...

It's hard enough that if you want good information you most times have to find it yourself because the medical doctors know so little about actually fixing these problems.

Sure, you may have to buy some products and supplements for your health occasionally--who doesn't, but I believe the information should be free.

So before you buy the latest ebook about solving these problems for yourself, please look over this website and read what I have to share with you.

The Signs of Indigestion
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The basic causes of bloating in stomach or abdominal area.
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Get rid of bloating for good, simply and easily.
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What causes Stomach gas what you can do about it.
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What causes constipation - most of the time it is a simple trigger.
Do you know what causes constipation? I do, and can show how to rid yourself of it, even if you've had it your whole life.
Natural Relief for Constipation that really works.
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Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other Triggers of IBS
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Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other helpful suggestions.
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Your Indigestion pain may have a simple cause and solution.
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Food combining for health and the elimination of indigestion
Food combining for health has been getting some press lately. Learn the basic and most important food combing diet secrets here.
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about how natural-indigestion-relief.com got started.
Probiotics for Children an Overview
What are probiotics for children and why would we need them.

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